Chante Avery - 3 Closed Transactions & 2 Under Contract. (120 Days)

Listing & Buyer Under Contract In Just 30 Days Of Joining The Program With Multiple Appointments Being Set & 100+ Buyer & Seller Opportunities In The Pipeline.

State 1:
Tried numerous online real estate lead generation companies that made big claims but didn't deliver. Wasted thousands on lead gen companies and running ads herself.
State 2:
Chante Avery closed 3 transactions and has 2 under contract within the first 120 days of joining the program.

Chante Avery is a killer real estate agent based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She initially joined the program and didn't close a deal within the first 2 months. She had tons of leads in her pipeline and also conducted several appointments. She then reached out to our support team for help and actually requested a refund. We showed her the bottlenecks in her business and offered extra support. 30 Days later she had 3 closed transactions and 60 days later she had 2 additional leads under contract.

Below is a conversation Chante had with our CEO.

Market: Atlanta, Georgia

Result: Closed 3 Transactions & 2 Under Contract

Agent: Chante Avery, PalmerHouse Properties