Private Agent Community

We have a group of highly motivated, active, and smart real estate agents. You are able to use this group as a networking environment and support hub. The power is in the group! Just provide value to other group members!

Weekly Workshop Calls

We host workshop calls one per week. During these calls, you can get one-on-one feedback on your progress and learn about how to follow up with leads by viewing our team going inside your CRM and giving you input on lead follow up. You can also learn from other top agents by being a fly on the wall. All of these calls are recorded and referenceable. These calls also help you adhere to the program. It's too common for agents to get distracted and misguided. These calls will keep you on the rails and make sure you are executing on your game plan!

One-on-One Expert Sessions

We hold one-on-one onboarding sessions where we create a custom growth plan to scale you to six and multiple six figures a year. We will offer one on one calls to you to ensure you achieve success with our program. Speak to entrepreneurs doing multiple six figures a year and learn how to apply these scaling principles to your real estate business.

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