Janine Bergen - 2 Closed Transactions with $692 CPA per Deal

Janine Bergen is a killer agent based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She closed 2 deals with an average CPA of $692. Janine is now looking to scale her real estate business after validating her marketing in her market.

State 1:
Looking to implement online lead generation.
State 2:
2 closed transactions

Janine Bergen closed 2 deals after spending only $1385.96 on paid advertising. Average CPA per deal is $692. She was able to hit these numbers and achieve these results by a strong follow-up process after validating her marketing message in her market. Facebook/Instagram ads with a strong automated follow-up process to start conversations resulted in 2 transactions and multiple other relationships built through the process. Janine will see the true ROI with social ads 12 months later since social ads are 6-12 months out.

Market: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Result: 2 Closed Transactions

Agent: Janine Bergen, RE/MAX Associates