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Lisa Trombetta - 14 Closed Transactions Within 12 Months (Includes During Covid)

Listing & Buyer Under Contract In Just 30 Days Of Joining The Program With Multiple Appointments Being Set & 100+ Buyer & Seller Opportunities In The Pipeline.

State 1: Paying thousands monthly to Boldleads while being trapped in a 6 month long contract
State 2: 262 leads in 30 days. 22 appointments scheduled. 1 listing & buyer under contract in 30 days. 5 additional transactions in the next 90 days. 14 confirmed transactions in 1 year.
Time Frame: Listing & Buyer within 30 days, Consistent Pipeline Building & Nurturing With Results To Come

Lisa & her partner Kandas were like many other agents before coming on board to our programs. They were highly skeptical, unsure if it was going to work and they weren't the ones to blame. The real estate industry is filled with people charging exorbitant amounts of money for marketing systems which can be set up a single agent in less than 60 minutes. It's the same campaigns that we helped Kandas and Lisa set up which led to these results.

Market: Regina, SK

Result: 14 Closed Transactions Within 12 Months.

Agent: Lisa Trombetta, Platinum Realty Specialists

Proof: Call with Agent

Julian Jackson - Lead Under Contract in 7 Days

Julian came into the program and was one of the inaugural participants. 7 days later, Julian and the team had several leads that they were speaking to and another one under contract. The best part is... This was all organic lead generation with $0 spent on paid digital marketing.

State 1: Skeptical about our results after being burned numerous times by lead generation companies
State 2: 146 leads and 16 appointments in 30 days. Lead under contract in 7 days.

"Literally within a week's time I found out that it was an incorrect assumption. There are some campaigns that I haven't even tried before that are actually free. Literally, I had given it over to one of my agents to just try it and within a week, they were under contract with a home. It looks like there's two or 3 more people that she's going out to show homes to as well. So in two weeks not only have I added those leads to her campaign but I've also started to let other people on my team do it as well. We picked up probably 50 leads in 5 days all without having to pay in any form and all with using the CRM and the follow up campaign. Honestly with my level of expertise in this industry, I was very shocked to see these guys offered something that I didn't already have and they did just that."

Market: San Antonio, Texas

Result: Lead Under Contract In 7 Days

Agent: Julian Jackson, JP & Associates Realtors

Andrew Fleming- 5 Closed Transactions in 120 Days

State 1:
Ran bus stop ads & flyers. Knew about the power of social media but never took the leap of faith.
State 2:
8 confirmed closed transactions. Multiple other transactions that are not yet confirmed by our team.

Andrew came to us when he was spending thousands of dollars on flyers and fancy bus stop ads. Despite being highly skeptical about our claims, he took the leap of faith and allowed us to set up his first Facebook ad campaign which yielded a higher ROI compared to any other form marketing he had done in the past. 4 transactions have been confirmed by our team and we are still in contact with Andrew's assistant to get the latest updates on any additional closings. Andrew said, "This is the best system I've ever used" after having a conversation with our CEO.

Market: Newfoundland and Labrador

Results: 5 Closed Transactions in 120 Days

Agent: Andrew Fleming, The A-Team, 3% East Coast

Kuldeep Gill- 5 Closed Transactions  In 120 Days

State 1:
Working in a highly competitive market. Used online leads in the past with several companies which never worked.
State 2:
1 listings and 2 buyer transactions within 45 days. New listing coming in several days from our FB campaigns. 8 total confirmed transactions and 4 under contract.

Kuldeep came to us in a highly competitive market after using many lead sources which never worked for him. He was paying tons of dollars to lead companies which always made bold promises but never delivered. Upon joining our program, Kuldeep has been self managing his own campaigns and adding over 300+ opportunities into his pipeline of which he has converted many into transactions. He is very close to achieving a second listing using our system.

Market: Surrey, British Columbia

Result: 5 Closed Transactions In 120 Days.

Agent: Kuldeep Gill, SRS Panorama Realty

Balwinder Chohan- Closed 8 Transactions in 180 Days

State 1:
Balwinder had resorted to door knocking and cold calling after failed attempts with high promising lead companies which never converted.
State 2: Balwinder now has several clients and consistent appointments she generates weekly from her FB ads system which she manages all by herself. Closed 1 buyer transaction in 90 days. 7 additional buyer transactions.

Balwinder is an agent working in a very saturated market in Brampton, Ontario. She came to us with a empty database. Within 14 days, she had generated 67 leads and 3 appointments. She's absolutely crushing it in the Brampton market where there are numerous agents running Facebook ads and online advertising. Real estate is a game of relationships and she has built 3 long lasting relationships with 3 clients within 14 days of joining the program. She has gained trust which otherwise would have not been there without

Market: Brampton, Ontario

Result: Closed 8 Transactions in 180 Days

Agent: Balwinder Chohan, Homelife Miracle Realty

Jorge Borges - $40,000 in GCI with $0 Spent on Advertising in 120 Days

Jorge's $0 into our proven marketing system produced $40,000 in GCI for his business with dozen's of motivated people in the pipeline ready to buy and/ sell in the coming months.

State 1:
Wasted hundreds of dollars boosting posts on Facebook hoping for a lead to reach out
State 2: Listing under contract in 45 days. $40,000 GCI in 120 days.

Jorge Borge is a licensed real estate agent servicing the Florida market. After working with so many real estate lead generations companies, Jorge noticed something. Every company promised a positive ROI, however he didn't get a return on his ROI whatsoever. Although Jorge was skeptical to work with us at first, he took a leap of faith and hasn't regretted his decision ever since. He is on track to do 6 figures this year.

Market: Port St. Lucie, Florida

Result: $40,000 in GCI within 120 Days.

Agent: Jorge Borges, Keller Williams

Chante Avery - 3 Closed Transactions & 2 Under Contract in 120 Days

State 1:
Tried numerous online real estate lead generation companies that made big claims but didn't deliver. Wasted thousands on lead gen companies and running ads herself.
State 2: Chante Avery closed 3 transactions and has 2 under contract within the first 120 days of joining the program.

Chante Avery is a killer real estate agent based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She initially joined the program and didn't close a deal within the first 2 months. She had tons of leads in her pipeline and also conducted several appointments. She then reached out to our support team for help and actually requested a refund. We showed her the bottlenecks in her business and offered extra support. 30 Days later she had 3 closed transactions and 60 days later she had 2 additional leads under contract.

Below is a conversation Chante had with our CEO, Prab Mangat.

Market: Atlanta, Georgia

Result: Closed 3 Transactions & 2 Under Contract

Agent: Chante Avery, PalmerHouse Properties

Suraj Kumar - 2 Closed Transactions in 30 Days

2 Pre Construction Deals In His First Month With A Polished Up Brand And Attraction Of Prospects That Know, Like & Trust Him.

State 1:
Experienced real estate agent that depended on referrals
State 2:
2 Closed transactions In 30 Days

Suraj Kumar is an experienced agent based out of Surrey, BC. All of his business came from referrals and he didn't want his income to be unpredictable and inconsistent. Therefore, he reached out to us and saw exceptional results within 30 days. He is now a firm believer in our 4 step marketing system and online leads in general. The results speak for themselves.

Market: Vancouver, BC

Result: 2 Closed Transactions In 30 Days

Agent: Suraj Kumar, Nationwide Realty

Client 2019 Database Preview

Rajani Suresh- 1 Closed Transaction in 30 Days

Rajani closed one deal within 30 days of joining our program with $0 spent on advertising.

State 1:
Never implemented online lead gen in her business prior to working with us.
State 2:
1 Closed Transaction within 30 days.

Rajani Suresh is an experienced agent based out of Toronto, Ontario. She implemented our organic strategies and picked up a buyer under contract within 30 days. She has now begun running Facebook paid campaigns which have been proven to work by our team. Despite operating out of a very competitive and saturated market, Rajani has been able to distinguish herself from other agents in the area.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Result: 1 Closed Transaction In 30 Days

Agent: Rajani Suresh, Royal Lepage Ignite Realty

Mark Ansah - 3 Buyer Clients & A Listing Appointment In 30 Days

Mark worked in a very saturated and competitive market with 60,000+ agents and he needed that extra edge to set himself apart from the other agents. He came to us, ran paid ad campaigns and also organic and was able to get great results within a short timeframe.

State 1:
Working in a highly competitive market. Used online leads in the past with several companies which never worked.
State 2:
3 Buyer Clients & Listing Appointment with $0 spent on Paid Advertising.

Mark came inside the program working in a saturated and highly competitive market in Ontario, Canada. He believed in online lead generation after hearing success stories from peers but didn't see much success using big name lead companies making bold promises and claims. After doing some solid research on lead generation companies, he chose us (very smart decision). Within a couple weeks, he transformed his brand and picked up 3 new clients and a listing appointment. He is on track to do some good numbers in real estate.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Result: 3 Buyer Clients & Listing Appointment in 30 Days

Agent: Mark Ansah, Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage.

Robb Alexander- 1 Closed Transaction In 30 Days

Robb Alexander came to us for help with online lead generation. We took care of his marketing and let him do what he does best. Today, he doesn't need to worry about when and where his next client will come from.

State 1:
Working in a saturated market. Wanted to stand out from the competition. Be able to attract clients that are just looking to buy or sell with a family/friend.
State 2:
1 closed transaction in 30 days. A 63% conversation rate with all leads generated.

Robb came inside the program working in a highly competitive market in Lethbridge, Alberta. He mentioned that there are a lot of agents in Lethbridge and wanted a competitive advantage over them. He wanted to be able to stand out from the competition and attract new clients at will. Although we had no prior customer in Lethbridge, we decided to bring Robb on and implemented the same strategies of some of our most successful agents. Within the first 30 days, Robb closed his first deal. This customer validated that our system works in any big or small market. Agent saturation doesn't prevent our system from working! We appreciate the feedback Robb has given us and it has helped us to make our system bulletproof!

Market: Lethbridge, Alberta

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 30 Days

Agent: Robb Alexander, Sunland Realty Corp.

Carli Whaley - 1 Closed Transaction in 60 Days

Carli is an experienced agent in Knoville, Tennessee. Looking for a new way of generating new clients, Carli stumbled upon us. She saw an instant ROI within the first 60 days. She's now scaling a profitable business.

State 1:
Majority of her business in 2020 came from referrals.
State 2:
1 closed transaction in 60 days.

Carli is an agent based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Before she started working with us, majority of her business came from referrals and word of mouth. She worked with for 2 years but wanted a change as the leads were decreasing in quality overtime. She was mainly getting leads that were 12 months out or "were just looking". After joining us, Carli went on to close her first deal within the first 60 days. She's also got tons of leads in the pipeline that are looking to buy or sell within the next 90 days at the time of writing this.

Market: Knoxville, Tennessee

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 60 Days

Agent: Carli Whaley, Coldwell Banker Wallace.

Stephen Crowley - 1 Closed Transaction & Lead Under Contract in 90 Days

Stephen Crowley came to us after frustration from not being able to generate new leads at will. He now has a predictable and consistent process of lead flow.

State 1:
Majority of new clients came from friends and family. Exhausted his network. Tried dabbling into Facebook ads but wasn't successful. Realized he wasn't tech savvy.
State 2:
1 closed transaction & lead under contract.

Stephen came inside the program as a newer agent in August of 2020. His business heavily relied on word of mouth and his network. He dabbled into Facebook ads and tried boosting a few posts but didn't see any traction. To get over the lead generation hump, he decided to give us a shot and within the first 90 days, Stephen closed 1 deal and picked up a lead under contract. Stephen has seen an instant ROI on his marketing dollars. Stephen is currently killing it in Oakville which is a very compeitive and saturated market. Stephen is currently seeing a 44% conversation rate with all the leads that have been generated for him at the time of writing this.

Market: Oakville, Ontario

Result: 1 Closed Transaction & Lead Under Contract in 90 Days

Agent: Stephen Crowley, Century 21

William Nojavan- 1 Double-Ended Deal In 90 Days

William approached us to get help with putting a predictable lead generating system in his business. He has since seen a 25x return on his investment on his marketing dollars.

State 1:
Ran Facebook ads himself but didn't see any traction. Also got burnt by a few lead generation companies which lead to severe skepticism towards online lead gen.
State 2:
1 double-ended deal in 90 days.

William came into our program with frustration from lead generation companies that didn't perform in the past and wasting hundreds of dollars trying to run ads himself. He was highly skeptical and had lost trust in online lead gen. After workin with us, William went on to close 1 double-ended deal within 90 days. Vahid is currently seeing a 40% conversation rate on his leads and is looking to close more deals with quality leads in his pipeline. William has a good understanding of how online leads work and is now playing a killer follow-up game to be on top of his leads and staying omnipresent on all social media channels.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Result: 1 Double-Ended Deal in 90 Days

Agent: William Nojavan, Homelife/Cimerman Real Estate Ltd.

Scott Rose - 2 Closed Transactions & 4 Additional Leads Under Contract Within 60 Days.

Scott Rose is a newly licensed agent based out of Warren, Michigan. Came inside of the program to leave his 9-5 because of capped earnings. Scott has since seen a 30x return on his ad spend.

State 1:
Looking to quit his 9-5 because of stress and capped earnings.
State 2: 2
closed transaction and 4 additional leads under contract within 60 days.

Before joining the program, Scott was very skeptical about our claim and results, therefore he decided to do his research and speak to other agents already inside of the program but found no 'dirt'. Scott then decided to hop into the program despite the skepticism. However, Scott was impressed by the number of appointments he generated and he went on to pick up 4 leads under contract. As of today, he has another lead going under contract soon. He has also closed his first two deals using paid media. Scott achieved these tremendous results by only spending $588.77 on paid advertising. With the average price of a home in Michigan being $200,000, Scott is expected to achieve a 30x return on his ad spend within 60 days. He spent $1 to make back $30!

Market: Warren, Michigan

Result: 2 Closed Transaction & 4 Leads Under Contract in 60 Days

Agent: Scott Rose, Century 21 Town & Country

Trischa Davis - 1 Closed Transaction in 45 Days

Trischa approached us 2 months after getting licensed as a real estate agent. She was doing everything that a 'newer' agent would do but was in search of system that can produce results in a predictable manner.

State 1:
Was sending out flyers and post-cards. Tried another lead generation company but had no control over her marketing. Did not see success with a third party ISA team call and book online leads into appointments.
State 2:
1 closed transaction in 45 days.

Trischa came into the program as a newly licensed agent. She did everything that any newly licensed agent would do which consisted of cold calls and mailers. She was in search for a a system that will bring in a cistent lead flow where she can start building relationships. She stumbled upon us from a Facebook ad and within the first 45 days of working with us, she closed 1 transaction. She is currently seeing a 47% conversation rate with allthe leads that are being generated. Trischa is currently crushing it in Minneapolis and looking to heavily scale her business for the coming years.

Market: Minneapolis- St.Paul , Minnesota

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 45 Days.

Agent: Trischa Davis, Weichert Realtors Achieve.

Lynn Romano - 1 Closed Transaction in 90 Days

Lynn Romano is an agent based out of Las Vegas which is a highly competitive and saturated market. Lynn Romano approached us after wasting thousands of dollars on Zillow with no profit.

State 1:
Spent thousands of dollars on Zillow that resulted in little to no results.
State 2:
Spent $532 on paid advertising to close on a $400,000 home. Deal closed within the first 90 days of joining the program.

Lynn Romano was working as a part-time agent when had approached us. She worked with Zillow and wasted thousands of dollars with little to no results. She had expected better results from Zillow as that is the 'Mecca' of of lead generation for real esttate agents. After being burned by Zillow, she decided to join us and within the first 90 days Lynn closed 1 deal. She has already seen a return on her investment and is now looking to scale her business. She is now going to be increasing her ad spend as her salesprocess is dialed in and has been validated.

Market: Las Vegas, Nevada

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 90 Days.

Agent: Lynn Romano, TR Realty.

Denny Featherstone - 1 Closed Transaction in 90 Days

Denny is based out of a small city on the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia with a population of only 25,000 people. Denny was able to close a deal within the first 90 days of joining the program.

State 1:
Looking to build a brand in a small city to differentiate from competitors. Looking to add in an additional lead source.
State 2:
Closed a deal within the first 90 days of joining.

Denny is an experienced real estate agent based out of a small city in British Columbia. Before joining the program, Denny's goal was to add in an additional source of generating new leads in a predictable manner. To date, he has generated 193 leads and has already closed one deal. The remainder of the leads are being worked on which is being assisted by our tech software. Denny is staying on top of mind by being omnipresent on multiple social media channels to be able to close more deals.

Market: Courtenay, British Columbia

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 90 Days.

Agent: Denny Featherstone, Remax Ocean Pacific Realty

Confidential - Closed 4 Transactions Within 120 Days (Edmonton Market)

Rohin came into our program and started generating prospects and opportunities right away. Upon refining his sales process, Rohin has gone on to close 1 deal in 90 days and several ready in the pipeline.

State 1: Skeptical about our results after being burned numerous times by lead generation companies
State 2: 146 leads and 16 appointments in 30 days. 4 Transaction closed within 120 days.
Time Frame: Closed 4 transactions in 120 days with several in pipeline.

Rohin learned our systems and processes we teach and set up a campaign in just under 60 minutes to have a consistent flow of appointments and as a result, he's closed 1 transaction with our exclusive online marketing system he set up which is proven to provide results. Like many agents, Rohin was highly skeptical this was going to work for him due to him being burned in the past. He now has a system he can predictably use and set up in less than one hour a month which has proven to generate prospects and clients at will and on demand.

*Name Available Upon Request*

Market: Edmonton, Alberta

Result: Closed 4 Transaction in 120 Days.

Agent: Confidential

Kandas Mcleod- 6 Working Clients in 60 Days

Kandas came into this program with her partner and had a very limited belief regarding online lead generation. 60 days later, she's working with 6 new clients where a closed transaction is right around the corner.

State 1:
Skeptical about online lead generation after being burned numerous times by companies
State 2:
6 working clients in 60 days.

Kandas came into the program with high skepticism about online lead generation with her partner. Her partner has since closed numerous transactions and Kandas is currently working with numerous families. She knows that it's only a matter of time until she's going to have a commission cheque coming. She is a fan of our system and loves that she has new buyers and sellers contacting her directly without doing any manual worke like cold calling or door knocking. Facebook ads has been crucial in the growth of her business and she can't thank us and Facebook enough. This is the new era of real state.

Market: Regina, Saskatchewan

Result: 6 working clients in 60 days.

Agent: Kandas Mcleod, Platinum Realty SPECIALISTS

Hamida S. - Closed 2 Transactions Within 30 Days

Hamida came into our program with her partner and started booking appointments right away. She generated more than 300 leads with our system within her first 60 days of joining our program.

State 1:
Relied on word of mouth and referrals as her main source of lead generation.
State 2:
2 closed transactions in 30 days.

Hamida came into our program and trusted our claims based on her partners recommendation. She was very skeptical because she never believed in online lead generation. She came into the program with high skepticism but it quickly turned into faith in our system when she started seeing "New Lead" popup notifications on her phone. These notifications came in like tsunami and she was only able to keep up with the leads because of a partner. She is now crushing it in the Surrey market after going through our program.

Market: Surrey, British Columbia

Result: Closed 2 Transaction in 30 Days

Agent: Hamida S., Royalty Group Realty

Jill Green- 2 Working Clients + Future Closings in the Pipeline Amidst Covid Pandemic

Jill Green is an agent with over 5 years of experience based out of Phoenix Arizona.

State 1:
Used and MarketLeader which resulted in 0 results. Wasted time and money. Wanted to quit real estate. Went through a lot of conferences and events for sales training.
State 2:
2 working clients and several leads in the pipeline. Future closings amidset the inventory crisis during Covid.

Jill Green is an agent that got into real estate in 2016. She started working with and Marketleader which produced little to no results which almost lead her to quitting real estate. She had mentioned to us that she didn't get 1 on 1 support and felt left in the dust. She states, "I'm defintely getting lots of leads and I love how the automations work that follow up with my leads. I've had a lot of communication with several people and met a couple new clients." Jill green is now looking forward to getting her first closing with our program. The inventory crisis amidst Covid is the only thing perventing Jill from getting her first closing.

Market: Phoenix, Arizona

Result: 2 Working Clients in 60 Days

Agent: Jill Green, My Home Group

Rick Dhillon- 1 Closed Transaction within 90 Days

Rick Dhillon is a top producer working out of Victoria, BC.

State 1:
Worked with BoldLeads and wasted money on ad spend. Wasted time dealing with fake phone numbers and non-responsive out of state leads.
State 2:
1 closed transaction in 90 days.

Rick Dhillon is an agent that had bad experience working with online lead generation companies. Prior to speaking with us, Rick was stuck in a long term contract with Boldleads where he saw little to no results. He had mentioned how he was dealing with out of state and fake leads. After dealing with frustration, Rick was left with a bad taste of online lead gen. After getting out of his contract, Rick decided to join us in late 2020 and within the first 90 days Rick closed his first deal. He had spent only $876.28 to close his first deal on a home. An average price of a home in Victoria is $900,000. That is a 17x return on his ad spend within 90 days! Rick is now looking to scale his real estate business with our text conceirge service.

Market: Victoria, BC

Result: 1 Closed Transaction within 90 Days

Agent: Rick Dhillon, Remax Alliance

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are what you can potentially make based on mine and my clients sales figures. Please understand these results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.
ABOUT THE TRAINING: At the end of the training, I’ll be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with me and my team to get help with implementing what they learn on the training and more. This is completely optional. The training lasts about 60 minutes and if you don’t want to work more closely with me, you can leave without doing anything. The training will be holding nothing back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.
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