Phase 1:
Done For You Lead Generation Service Phase.
What Most Companies Unfortunately Do For Their Clients....

We began servicing real estate teams, brokers and agents all across Canada and the United States through a done for you lead generation service. This provided results but we found that lead conversion is the most important aspect when it comes to online lead generation. Most companies will charge thousands monthly and will simply just provide leads to real estate agents and expect them to close. As a result, most leads never answer the phone because there is little to no coaching/ expectation on the actual lead conversion side. We had to change our process so we didn't just provide leads as our customers didn't experience the success we wanted them to. We don't want to be the company that just provides leads to our customers, we want to be the company that holds our customer's hands and guides them through effective conversion so they can put back their advertising dollars back into their pocket.

Phase 2: "Done For You Lead Generation". 
The Best Method For Results

After working with over 150+ agents and experiencing some great results working and coaching teams and brokerages, we found that through effective coaching our customers loved us. We decided that in addition to our service providing leads, we wanted to start an exclusive coaching program for all of our customers which would help them convert online leads. This came to be known as our "done with you method." As a result, our customers have had great success and are part of a great community of other agents in which they can network and grow together. We host weekly workshop lead conversion seminars which allow for agents inside of our program to come in and ask any question they want from a dedicated client success manager. This serves as a great opportunity for agents to ask eachother questions and become lead conversion experts.

Phase 3:
The Digital Agent Accelerator: "The Ultimate Experience."

We knew that there was a big problem with the online real estate advertising space. Too many leads and not enough conversions. We decided to launch to assist agents, teams and brokerages across North America to predictably scale their deal volume. We also teach real estate agents how to generate their own leads if they are interested in that as well so you can save money on paying expensive real estate marketing companies. Our digital agent accelerator is the ultimate experience to work with our team to help you close online leads with predictability. Best of all we back everything with our exclusive money back guarantee. If you are unable to close a deal using our system, we will do everything within our power to help you and if we still decide we are unable to help, you will receive a 100% refund. We live by that guarantee.

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