Aman Nanda- 5 Closed Transactions with 33x Return on Ad Spend Dollars

Aman Nanda and his team achieved a 33x return on investment towards their marketing dollars. They spent $1 on online paid advertising to make back $33.

State 1:
Came inside the program with no online presence. Was looking for a predictable system to generate new conversations with different people every day.
State 2:
5 closed transactions with $3,700 in ad spend.

Aman Nanda is an agent based out of Surrey, BC. He came into the program looking for a predictable manner to generate appointments with new leads. After spending $3,700 on paid advertising, Aman has gone on to close 5 deals. These 5 deals were closed in a market where the average price of a home is $940,000. Aman made $33 in commissions for every $1 he spent on paid advertising. Aman is now looking to scale his ad budget to $25/day and introduce retargeting into the play.

Market: Surrey, British Columbia

Result: 5 Closed Transactions

Agent: Aman Nanda, Century 21