Lisa Trombetta Stephenson- 14 Closed Transactions Within 12 Months (Includes During Covid.

Listing & Buyer Under Contract In Just 30 Days Of Joining The Program With Multiple Appointments Being Set & 100+ Buyer & Seller Opportunities In The Pipeline.

State 1: Paying thousands monthly to Boldleads while being trapped in a 6 month long contract
State 2: 262 leads in 30 days. 22 appointments scheduled. 1 listing & buyer under contract in 30 days. 5 additional transactions in the next 90 days. 15 confirmed transactions in 12 months.
Time Frame: Listing & Buyer within 30 days, Consistent Pipeline Building & Nurturing With Results To Come

Lisa & her partner Kandas were like many other agents before coming on board to our programs. They were highly skeptical, unsure if it was going to work and they weren't the ones to blame. The real estate industry is filled with people charging exorbitant amounts of money for marketing systems which can be set up a single agent in less than 60 minutes. It's the same campaigns that we helped Kandas and Lisa set up which led to these results.

Market: Regina, SK

Result: 14 Closed Transactions Within 12 Months.

Agent: Lisa Trombetta Stephenson, Platinum Realty Specialists

Proof: Call with Agent