William Nojavan- 1 Double-Ended Deal In 90 Days

William approached us to get help with putting a predictable lead generating system in his business. He has since seen a 25x return on his investment on his marketing dollars.

State 1:
Ran Facebook ads himself but didn't see any traction. Also got burnt by a few lead generation companies which lead to severe skepticism towards online lead gen.
State 2:
1 double-ended deal in 90 days.

William came into our program with frustration from lead generation companies that didn't perform in the past and wasting hundreds of dollars trying to run ads himself. He was highly skeptical and had lost trust in online lead gen. After workin with us, William went on to close 1 double-ended deal within 90 days. Vahid is currently seeing a 40% conversation rate on his leads and is looking to close more deals with quality leads in his pipeline. William has a good understanding of how online leads work and is now playing a killer follow-up game to be on top of his leads and staying omnipresent on all social media channels.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Result: 1 Double-Ended Deal in 90 Days

Agent: William Nojavan, Homelife/Cimerman Real Estate Ltd.