Suraj Kumar - 2 Closed Transactions in 30 Days

2 Pre Construction Deals In His First Month With A Polished Up Brand And Attraction Of Prospects That Know, Like & Trust Him.

State 1:
Experienced real estate agent that depended on referrals
State 2:
2 Closed transactions In 30 Days

Suraj Kumar is an experienced agent based out of Surrey, BC. All of his business came from referrals and he didn't want his income to be unpredictable and inconsistent. Therefore, he reached out to us and saw exceptional results within 30 days. He is now a firm believer in our 4 step marketing system and online leads in general. The results speak for themselves.

Market: Vancouver, BC

Result: 2 Closed transactions In 30 Days

Agent: Suraj Kumar, Nationwide Realty

Proof: Client 2019 Database Preview