Kuldeep Gill- 18 Closed Transactions  In 12 Months

State 1:
Working in a highly competitive market. Used online leads in the past with several companies which never worked.
State 2:
1 listings and 2 buyer transactions within 45 days. New listing coming in several days from our FB campaigns. A total of 8 confirmed transactions in the first 120 days. 4 additional leads under contract.

Kuldeep came to us in a highly competitive market after using many lead sources which never worked for him. He was paying tons of dollars to lead companies which always made bold promises but never delivered. Upon joining our program, Kuldeep has been self managing his own campaigns and adding over 300+ opportunities into his pipeline of which he has converted many into transactions. He is very close to achieving a second listing using our system.

Market: Surrey, British Columbia

Result: 18 Closed Transactions In 12 Months

Agent: Kuldeep Gill, SRS Panorama Realty