Waqas Ahmed- 4 Closed Transactions with 29x Return on Ad Spend Dollars

Waqas closed 1 deal from a lead generated using our program and closed 3 additional deals that came in as referrals from the initial lead.

State 1:
Simply relied on referrals and word of mouth.
State 2:
4 deals closed.

Waqas is an agent based out of Langley, BC. He stumbled across us from a Facebook ad and was already in the process of looking for online lead gen. He knew he needed to add in a lead source to be able to generate new leads with ease. With a budget of $10/day on paid advertising, Waqas was able to close 1 deal. He then received 3 referrals from that one client. This is the power of online lead gen and asking for referrals. This resulted in Waqas achieving a 29x return on his investment towards online lead gen.

Market: Langley, British Columbia

Result: 4 Closed Transactions

Agent: Waqas Ahmed, SRS Panorama Realty