Balwinder Chohan- Closed 8 Transactions in Highly Competitive Market: Brampton (180 Days)

State 1:
Balwinder had resorted to door knocking and cold calling after failed attempts with high promising lead companies which never converted.
State 2: Balwinder now has several clients and consistent appointments she generates weekly from her FB ads system which she manages all by herself. Closed 4 buyer transaction in 90 days.

Balwinder is an agent working in a very saturated market in Brampton, Ontario. She came to us with a empty database. Within 14 days, she had generated 67 leads and 3 appointments. She's absolutely crushing it in the Brampton market where there are numerous agents running Facebook ads and online advertising. Real estate is a game of relationships and she has built 3 long lasting relationships with 3 clients within 14 days of joining the program. She has gained trust which otherwise would have not been there without

Market: Brampton, Ontario

Result: Closed 8 Transactions in 180 Days

Agent: Balwinder Chohan, Homelife Miracle Realty