Kandas Mcleod- 2 Closed Transactions & 5 Leads Under Contract in 120 Days

Kandas came into this program with her partner and had a very limited belief regarding online lead generation. 4 months later with a $10/per day budget resulted in 2 closed transactions & 5 additional leads under contract.

State 1:
Skeptical about online lead generation after being burned numerous times by companies
State 2:
2 closed transactions and 5 additional leads under contract within 4 months.

Kandas came into the program with high skepticism about online lead generation with her partner. Her partner has since closed numerous transactions and Kandas is currently working with numerous families. She knows that it's only a matter of time until she's going to have a commission cheque coming. She is a fan of our system and loves that she has new buyers and sellers contacting her directly without doing any manual worke like cold calling or door knocking. Facebook ads has been crucial in the growth of her business and she can't thank us and Facebook enough. This is the new era of real state.

Market: Regina, Saskatchewan

Result: 2 Closed Transactions in 120 days.

Agent: Kandas Mcleod, Platinum Realty SPECIALISTS