Julian Jackson - Lead Under Contract in 7 Days.

Julian came into the program and was one of the inaugural participants. 7 days later, Julian and the team had several leads that they were speaking to and another one under contract. The best part is... This was all organic lead generation with $0 spent on paid digital marketing.

State 1: Skeptical about our results after being burned numerous times by lead generation companies
State 2: 146 leads and 16 appointments in 30 days. Lead under contract in 7 days.

"Literally within a week's time I found out that it was an incorrect assumption. There are some campaigns that I haven't even tried before that are actually free. Literally, I had given it over to one of my agents to just try it and within a week, they were under contract with a home. It looks like there's two or 3 more people that she's going out to show homes to as well. So in two weeks not only have I added those leads to her campaign but I've also started to let other people on my team do it as well. We picked up probably 50 leads in 5 days all without having to pay in any form and all with using the CRM and the follow up campaign. Honestly with my level of expertise in this industry, I was very shocked to see these guys offered something that I didn't already have and they did just that."

Market: San Antonio, Texas

Result: Lead Under Contract In 7 Days

Agent: Julian Jackson, JP & Associates Realtors