Iwona Rembacz - 1 Deal Closed within 30 Days

Iwona closed her first deal with our program using organic strategies with having to spend any form of dollars on lead generation.
State 1:
New business came from past clients, word of mouth and referrals. Tried other lead generation companies but dealt with leads not picking up the phone.
State 2:
1 deal closed within 30 days using organic lead generation strategies.

With more than 10 years of experience, Iwona came in looking for pre-qualified leads. Leads that are motivated and will get booked straight to her calendar. She was part of a team where she got frustrated with the type of leads she was receiving. She came to us looking to ramp up her real estate business after a slow season during COVID. After joining our program, she got started with our organic lead generation strategies where she closed 1 deal. She's now ramping up her business with paid advertising.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Result: 1 Deal Closed 30 Days

Agent: Iwona Rembacz, Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage