Fady Khudair - Lead Under Contract Within 21 Days + Multiple Working Clients

State 1:
Partnered with divorce lawyers that bring in 2-3 leads per month. Door knocking that generates 2-3 solid leads/mo. Sphere of influence that bring in about 1-2 leads/mo. Ran Facebook ads for 3 months but generated only 3 leads with $4,000 spent.
State 2:
Lead under contract within 21 days. Multiple working clients all with less than $300 spent.

Fady actively invests in commercial properties and is currently focusing on the residential market for helping homeowners buy and sell. Before working with us, Fady was looking for a trustworthy Lead Gen partner and was looking to stand out from other agents due to the high competition. After joining our program, Fady put his first lead under contract within 3 weeks. He's also working with multiple buyers that are likely to close in the coming weeks. With an average price of a home at $645,000 in Ottawa, Fady is going to see a tremendous ROI on his marketing. Fady is now looking to scale his ad spend and invest more into his marketing. He sees marketing as an investment and not as an expense (like many average agents do).

Market: Ottawa, Ontario

Result: Lead Under Contract within 21 Days

Agent: Fady Khudair, Exp Realty