Si Nguyen - 1 Deal Closed with 7x ROI on Online Paid Marketing

Si Nguyen is an associate broker at eXp Realty based out of Sacramento, California.

State 1:
Relied on cold calling but it was a grind and felt burnt out. The consistency wasn't there. Reached out to past clients and worked his sphere his influence. Tried Facebook ads but didn't work.
State 2:
Closed his first deal with our system at a 7x ROI on his marketing dollars.

Si Nguyen approached us during the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic and inventory crises. He was looking to validate a lead generating machine before scaling his team of 3 since building a team requires an abundance of leads. He was also looking for a brand new, simple to use CRM. Although he had tried numerous CRM's in the past, none worked for him. Before starting our program, him and his team were cold calling and working their sphere of influence to generate new business. It turned out to be a grind which led to feeling burnt out. He knew he needed a change and something that brought consistency. Within his first few months of working with us, he closed his first deal. In terms of the numbers, he spent $1 to make back $7 in commissions. He's now scaling his marketing spend and team.

Market: Sacramento, California

Result: 1 Deal Closed with 7x ROI on Marketing

Agent: Si Nguyen, eXp Realty LLC