Naib Gehlot - 1 Closed Transaction & 1 Lead Under Contract within 30 Days

State 1:
No online presence. No CRM in place. Poor lead management. Relied simply on referrals and word of mouth. Exhausted database.
State 2:
1 closed transaction & 1 lead under contract within 30 days with $0 spent on advertising. 1 deal fell through because of market conditions.

Naib is a realtor based out of Calgary, Alberta. He came to us with no online presence and no system in place to generate leads at will. Naib wanted to start of slow and only get started with organic lead gen first. Within the first 30 days of getting organic lead gen up and running, Naib closed 1 deal. He had another deal fall through simply due to the market. He later got another lead under contract. Naib is now looking to invest those commissions into paid ads to scale his business to the next level. This should quadruple his lead flow and conversations with new leads.

Market: Calgary, Alberta

Result: 1 Closed Transaction within 30 Days

Agent: Naib Gehlot, RE/MAX Real Estate