Rohin S.- 5 Closed Transactions & 2 Leads Under Contract Within 150 Days

Rohin came into our program and started generating prospects and opportunities right away. Upon refining his sales process, Rohin has gone on to close 5 deals within 5 months and several ready in the pipeline.

State 1: Skeptical about our results after being burned numerous times by lead generation companies
State 2: 146 leads and 16 appointments in 30 days. 5 Transaction closed and 2 leads under contract within 150 days.
Time Frame: Closed 5 transactions and 2 additional leads under contract within 150 days with several in pipeline.

Rohin learned our systems and processes we teach and set up a campaign in just under 60 minutes to have a consistent flow of appointments and as a result, he's closed 1 transaction with our exclusive online marketing system he set up which is proven to provide results. Like many agents, Rohin was highly skeptical this was going to work for him due to him being burned in the past. He now has a system he can predictably use and set up in less than one hour a month which has proven to generate prospects and clients at will and on demand.

Market: Alberta

Result: Closed 5 Transaction in 150 Days.

Agent: Rohin