Andrew Fleming- 5 Closed Transactions in 120 Days.

State 1:
Ran bus stop ads & flyers. Knew about the power of social media but never took the leap of faith.
State 2: 8
confirmed closed transactions. Multiple other transactions that are not yet confirmed by our team.

Andrew came to us when he was spending thousands of dollars on flyers and fancy bus stop ads. Despite being highly skeptical about our claims, he took the leap of faith and allowed us to set up his first Facebook ad campaign which yielded a higher ROI compared to any other form marketing he had done in the past. 5 transactions have been confirmed by our team and we are still in contact with Andrew's assistant to get the latest updates on any additional closings. Andrew said, "This is the best system I've ever used" after having a conversation with our CEO.

Market: Newfoundland and Labrador

Result: 5 Closed Transactions In 120 Days.

Agent: Andrew Fleming, The A-Team, 3% East Coast