Audrey Adami- 1 Closed Transaction with 21x Return on Ad Spend

Audrey is an agent based out of San Jose, California working out of a very competitive market. She has closed one deal and got 2 clients that will close within the next 30 - 60 days all by spending $1,668.12 on paid advertising.

State 1:
Was skeptical about online leads because a colleague had been burned in the past and mentioned “Don’t bother with online leads. They’re all of bad quality”.
State 2:
1 Closed Transaction and 2 working clients.

Audrey was told by her colleague to not mess with online leads since they're all of bad quality. She came in with very high skepticism. She did have a little bit of a slower start compared to other agents but things really started kicking off in month 4 of the program. The leads hit her at once in month 4. As a result, she has already closed 1 deals and got 2 other clients that will close within the next 30-60 days at the time of writing this. She has validated her marketing message and her commissions are now a function of how much Audrey decides to spend on paid ads.

Market: San Jose, California

Result: 1 Closed Transaction & 2 Working Clients

Agent: Audrey Adami, Sereno Group