Scott Dolan - 1 Listing Acquired & 1 Closed Transaction within 90 Days

Scott Dolan is an agent based out of Saskatoon that has been in the industry for over 10 years. After taking a 2 year break, Scott came back into action in 2020.

State 1:
Business was only coming from referrals or word of mouth.
State 2:
1 Closed Transaction and 1 listing acquired in 2.5 months. Multiple other working clients in the pipeline. $687.27 spent on ads to achieve these results.

Scott had surprisingly never heard of online lead generation before early 2021. He was closely working with a top producer in his market and noticed online lead generation was one of her weapons in her arsenal. He quickly jumped onto it and did some aggressive research which lead him to us. Within the first 2.5 months of getting onboarded, Scott closed 1 deal and picked up 1 listing. These results were achieved with only $687.27 in ad spend. He's already seen a 23x return on his ad spend. Scott saw success quicker than some of the other agents inside the program where the average is 3-4 months. Scott was on average doing 2 deals per month before joining the program and is now averaging 3/month. Scott's goal is to do 5-6 deals per month by the end of the year. We are rooting for Scott and are very impressed with his follow up game.

Market: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Result: 1 Closed Transaction & 1 Listing Acquired

Agent: Scott Dolan, Realty Executives