Carli Whaley - 1 Closed Transaction in 60 Days

Carli is an experienced agent in Knoville, Tennessee. Looking for a new way of generating new clients, Carli stumbled upon us. She saw an instant ROI within the first 60 days. She's now scaling a profitable business.

State 1:
Majority of her business in 2020 came from referrals.
State 2:
1 closed transaction in 60 days.

Carli is an agent based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Before she started working with us, majority of her business came from referrals and word of mouth. She worked with for 2 years but wanted a change as the leads were decreasing in quality overtime. She was mainly getting leads that were 12 months out or "were just looking". After joining us, Carli went on to close her first deal within the first 60 days. She's also got tons of leads in the pipeline that are looking to buy or sell within the next 90 days at the time of writing this.

Market: Knoxville, Tennessee

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 60 Days

Agent: Carli Whaley, Coldwell Banker Wallace.