Christian Givens- Listing Under Contract With Minimal Ad Spend

State 1:
Working part-time. Wanted to transition full time. Only closed 2 deals in the span of 2 years. Business mainly came from referrals.
State 2:
Listing under contract with minimal ad spend.

Christian came to us when he had only closed 2 deals in 2 years. He was working part-time and wanted to transition to full time in real estate. His business was mainly coming from referrals and his sphere of influence. In his first few months of working with us, Christian had a lot of positive conversations with leads and was building relationships. He then went on to pick up a listing from a buyer campaign that was being run. Once again, this case study proves that buyer campaigns are the cheapest way to pick up new listings. A lot of agents neglect buyer campaigns and think they don't work. Our track record shows that buyer campaigns + sales skills can result in listings being picked up at a very cheap cost.

Market: Maryland

Result: 1 Listing Acquired

Agent: Christian Givens, LD & Associates