Hamida S. - Closed 2 Transactions Within 30 Days

Hamida came into our program with her partner and started booking appointments right away. She generated more than 300 leads with our system within her first 60 days of joining our program.

State 1:
Relied on word of mouth and referrals as her main source of lead generation.
State 2:
2 closed transactions in 30 days.

Hamida came into our program and trusted our claims based on her partners recommendation. She was very skeptical because she never believed in online lead generation. She came into the program with high skepticism but it quickly turned into faith in our system when she started seeing "New Lead" popup notifications on her phone. These notifications came in like tsunami and she was only able to keep up with the leads because of a partner. She is now crushing it in the Surrey market after going through our program.

Market: Surrey, British Columbia

Result: Closed 2 Transaction in 30 Days.

Agent: Hamida S.