Jill Green- 2 Working Clients + Future Closings in the Pipeline Amidst COVID Pandemic

Jill Green is an agent with over 5 years of experience based out of Phoenix Arizona.

State 1:
Used realtor.com and MarketLeader which resulted in 0 results. Wasted time and money. Wanted to quit real estate. Went through a lot of conferences and events for sales training.
State 2:
2 working clients and several leads in the pipeline. Future closings amidset the inventory crisis during Covid.

Jill Green is an agent that got into real estate in 2016. She started working with realtor.com and Marketleader which produced little to no results which almost lead her to quitting real estate. She had mentioned to us that she didn't get 1 on 1 support and felt left in the dust. She states, "I'm defintely getting lots of leads and I love how the automations work that follow up with my leads. I've had a lot of communication with several people and met a couple new clients." Jill green is now looking forward to getting her first closing with our program. The inventory crisis amidst Covid is the only thing perventing Jill from getting her first closing.

Market: Phoenix, Arizona

Result: 2 Working Clients in 60 Days

Agent: Jill Green, My Home Group