Rajani Suresh- 1 Buyer Under Contract in 30 Days with $0 Spent on Advertising

Rajani got a buyer under contract within 30 days of joining our program with $0 spent on advertising.

State 1:
Never implemented online lead gen in her business prior to working with us.
State 2:
Buyer under contract within 30 days.

Rajani Suresh is an experienced agent based out of Toronto, Ontario. She implemented our organic strategies and picked up a buyer under contract within 30 days. She has now begun running Facebook paid campaigns which have been proven to work by our team. Despite operating out of a very competitive and saturated market, Rajani has been able to distinguish herself from other agents in the area.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Result: Buyer Under Contract In 30 Days

Agent: Rajani Suresh, Royal Lepage Ignite Realty