Robb Alexander- 1 Closed Transaction In 30 Days

Robb Alexander came to us for help with online lead generation. We took care of his marketing and let him do what he does best. Today, he doesn't need to worry about when and where his next client will come from.

State 1
: Working in a saturated market. Wanted to stand out from the competition. Be able to attract clients that are just looking to buy or sell with a family/friend.
State 2: 1 closed transaction in 30 days. A 63% conversation rate with all leads generated.

Robb came inside the program working in a highly competitive market in Lethbridge, Alberta. He mentioned that there are a lot of agents in Lethbridge and wanted a competitive advantage over them. He wanted to be able to stand out from the competition and attract new clients at will. Although we had no prior customer in Lethbridge, we decided to bring Robb on and implemented the same strategies of some of our most successful agents. Within the first 30 days, Robb closed his first deal. This customer validated that our system works in any big or small market. Agent saturation doesn't prevent our system from working! We appreciate the feedback Robb has given us and it has helped us to make our system bulletproof!

Market: Lethbridge, Alberta

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 30 Days

Agent: Robb Alexander, Sunland Realty Corp.