Scott Rose - 2 Closed Transaction & 4 Additional Leads Under Contract Within 60 Days.

Scott Rose is a newly licensed agent based out of Warren, Michigan. Came inside of the program to leave his 9-5 because of capped earnings. Scott has since seen a 30x return on his ad spend.

State 1:
Looking to quit his 9-5 because of stress and capped earnings.
State 2: 2
closed transactions and 4 additional leads under contract within 60 days.

Before joining the program, Scott was very skeptical about our claim and results, therefore he decided to do his research and speak to other agents already inside of the program but found no 'dirt'. Scott then decided to hop into the program despite the skepticism. However, Scott was impressed by the number of appointments he generated and he went on to pick up 4 leads under contract. As of today, he has another lead going under contract soon. He has also closed his first two deals using paid media. Scott achieved these tremendous results by only spending $588.77 on paid advertising. With the average price of a home in Michigan being $200,000, Scott is expected to achieve a 30x return on his ad spend within 60 days. He spent $1 to make back $30!

Market: Warren, Michigan

Result: 2 Closed Transaction & 4 Leads Under Contract in 60 Days

Agent: Scott Rose, Century 21 Town & Country