Trischa Davis - 1 Closed Transaction in 45 Days

Trischa approached us 2 months after getting licensed as a real estate agent. She was doing everything that a 'newer' agent would do but was in search of system that can produce results in a predictable manner.

State 1:
Was sending out flyers and post-cards. Tried another lead generation company but had no control over her marketing. Did not see success with a third party ISA team call and book online leads into appointments.
State 2:
1 closed transaction in 45 days.

Trischa came into the program as a newly licensed agent. She did everything that any newly licensed agent would do which consisted of cold calls and mailers. She was in search for a a system that will bring in a cistent lead flow where she can start building relationships. She stumbled upon us from a Facebook ad and within the first 45 days of working with us, she closed 1 transaction. She is currently seeing a 47% conversation rate with allthe leads that are being generated. Trischa is currently crushing it in Minneapolis and looking to heavily scale her business for the coming years.

Market: Minneapolis- St.Paul, Minnesota

Result: 1 Closed Transaction in 45 Days

Agent: Trischa Davis, Weichert Realtors Achieve.