William Troutman - 3 Appointments in 24 Hours ($0 Spent)

William was a newly licensed who agent came inside the program without a website, Facebook page, online presence and online lead generation system. Within 24 hours, William booked 3 in person appointments all without spending a single dime on paid advertising!

State 1:
Newly licensed agent. No personal brand. No website. Empty database. No leads in the pipeline.  
State 2:
3 Appointments in 24 hours with $0 spent on Paid Advertising.

William came inside the program with no database or past clients. He believed in online lead generation after hearing success stories from peers. After doing some solid research on lead generation companies, he chose us (smart decision). Within 24 hours, he picked up 3 appointments. He is on track to do some good numbers in real estate.

Market: Oakland, California

Result: 3 appointments within 24 hours ($0 Spent)

Agent: William Troutman, Compass Realty