One of the greatest parts about our program for agents is that we hold weekly coaching calls that review your conversations with leads live and compare them with top agents.

Here, agents from all over North America come in and get any question they like answered regarding their online lead generation.

So a question that is commonly posed is:

"I don't need any coaching on lead conversion. That's not worth my time."

We understand that as an agent, you have far too many roles.

We're not saying that our program takes hours and hours out of your week.


We use a hybrid model of done for you and lead conversion coaching to help us serve our customers better.

This is known as a "done with you" method.

We've worked with 1000+ agents and we've only seen other companies just provide leads that sadly never convert.

And the reason isn't because they're not "high quality" or "ready to go", it's because the sales process from the agents side needs work.

You see, when dealing with online leads, you are dealing with COLD people. These people need to build up that trust with you before purchasing.

Keep in mind that before they saw your ad, they probably never knew who you were.

This is the reason why most agents hate online leads.

They have to put too much work in etc.

But what If I told you there's a better way?

One that doesn't require to spend hours a day cold calling each and every single lead coming in?

Our system does exactly that.

But the system alone won't cut it.

It's the system coupled with the coaching that really produces.

Let me give you an example from something we picked apart on one of our weekly Q&A calls with our agents:

There was an agent who was getting tons of conversations started but the leads would always ghost him.

They'd never call him back. Ever.

As a salesperson, it's easy to blame the leads.

Heck! We do it as well within our own sales team.

But the key here is to disconnect from the sale.

To really value the relationships over revenue principle.

To communicate with the lead and genuinely help them even if it takes a couple days/ weeks longer to get the appointment.

So getting back into it, his problem was that he was sending paragraph esque text messages to leads. This didn't go anywhere because the prospect would get scared and just back off.

Another "pushy salesperson" they probably thought to themselves.

This was his biggest bottleneck.

So what did we do?

We went into his CRM and analyzed his follow ups.

After spending about 10 minutes, we were able to find out exactly why his convo's didn't go anywhere.

We then gave him an action plan to follow up with the leads and enable proper messaging frameworks.

Since then he's booked tons of appointments, signed on several clients and closed several deals.

This is something no other company provides.

We only value customer success.

You make an ROI or you don't pay a dime.

Our case studies are ridiculously strong.

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