Lead Generation

This blog get's attention doesn't it?

You likely came here from a google search with this showing up top of the search criteria.

Let us break it down for you:

WITHOUT Paying Zillow,

Learn how you can leverage this lead generation system to generate 5-10 highly-qualified RE appointments every month without spending thousands to marketing companies.

PROOF - We helped 100’s of agents get educated on how to do the exact same thing to get exceptional results from Facebook.

Do you want to know how we do it?

You can guess Facebook is a part of it, but it's clearly NOT what you may be thinking!

It’s more of an automation game.

This NEW way of booking appointments with RE leads leaves most agent wondering “how”?

The truth is that in 2020, agents that ignore this NEW mechanism will be taken out in the night by competitors who utilize it to produce unbeatable growth.

Out of nowhere, it seems like Facebook advertising has overtaken all other forms of outreach when it comes to attracting those consistent leads ready to buy and sell within 3 months….

...Only when done correctly.

Yet again, agents still pay marketing companies like Zillow who just provide leads that never convert.

Heck! Nobody has figured out how to profitably utilize the leads.

And obviously, those who do, don't ever talk about it.

because they understand that it’s so damn cost-efficient…

I'm pulling off the curtains for you!

Like most of us, you might think Facebook is just for keeping up with friends or family or to get “L.O.W” quality leads

Most agents think that...

And.. Boy, are they wrong!

Think about it:

You set up a page on Facebook and leave it alone...

Unsurprisingly, it does NOTHING for you.

Then, you hear from a fellow agent or a brokerage that you need to run Facebook ads,

So you hire a marketing company…

One that just provides you the BARE MINIMUM

Which is leads. Leads are worthless without follow up.

You see…Watching every video on lead generation on Youtube,

The real money maker here is these companies such as Zillow.

They charge HUGE amounts…

...and results are sporadic.

Now after testing with thousands of dollars and many, many agents

We’ve finally got it right,

It is not an “AHA” moment like you might be thinking…

But through 18 months of repetitive trial and error..

We’ve finally figured out something that just works day in and day out!

Predictably and consistently,

We’re revealing some of the best-kept secrets...

when it comes to sourcing high-quality leads and automating your prospecting, messaging, and follow-up efforts.

You may be thinking, “Well... I get ads like this daily from marketing companies daily, why you?”

“What makes you different?”

We are NOT a marketing company,

Instead, we help install proven marketing systems into agent businesses which help them escape the unpredictability hamster wheel and accrue hyper profitable cash machines.

This may seem a bit far fetched however this has been validated by over 50+ happy agents who've had a tremendous amount of success with the system.

So now...you can run ads for 1/5th of the cost of these marketing companies robbing you and predictably grow your business (like the agents who ARE successful using Facebook ads).

You might be saying to yourself…

This is Unbelievable!

I know I know

You can Learn everything here:


Here’s what you will learn by watching the training video:

→ Why Facebook ads alone just don’t work and leads are worthless without an effective sales process and follow up system.

→ How to Automate your entire lead generation to appointment process and create a massive pipeline of highly-qualified inbound leads to close leads who have the budget (and need) for your business.

→ How to leave voicemails, text messages, and emails weekly to trigger a response from leads “warming” them up so you only call leads that EXPECT your call.

→ The 3 Best performing ad copies we have used for agents to generate MILLIONS in closing commissions

→ Click on the link to see for yourself the unbelievable but true process behind all this - if you are like me - I must confess they are jaw-dropping solid!


No Joke - this training will be taken offline soon.

We can only take on so many agents before we hit our threshold.

We’ve been using Facebook EFFECTIVELY for so long and are surprised as to how successful it is.

It’s just that most agents are using it wrong.

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