"Hey guys, I'm just at my open house right now at 12345 Helen Crescent"

This is what most agents do.

In fact...

They think by doing this, they'll somehow waive a magic wand and get prospects reaching out to them consistently...

Asking them to meet up...

or grab a coffee...

or giving them a referral...

That's what happened to almost no agent ever. (Yes, sorry for being harsh. :))

Facebook is a social media marketing company.

Yes Google it. They don't really care about your friends and family.

They only care about their users, or should I say audience.

You see, Facebook uses you, your family, your friends as potential people to

show it's ads to.

They make their billions through people like me and advertisers all around the

globe. So now the question becomes:

"Should I continue to do open house videos blogging my life as an agent?"

The answer is yes....

Even though a small percentile of your actual audience sees your ads, the moment

you start to use paid advertising, people will actively be clicking on your profile.

If you don't have posts that people can view, you'll miss out on a lot of good leads.

So in that case—keep on doing it but definitely DO NOT rely upon it if you are trying to scale fast.

If you want to:

-Scale FAST & PROFITABLY—without needing to resort to traditional client outreach methods.

-Build a BRAND you can leverage again and again and set up systems on autopilot

-Access us directly as your coaches

-Get the support and accountability to T H R I V E

Here’s how can help:

Build an award winning personal brand: Have people want to work with you

Attract Leads willing to speak with you: Grow your list to hundreds of leads that will reach out to you automatically! Use OUR winning ads to get 100's of leads signing up every month. Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Community: Become the "go-to" agent.

Book Your Calendar (With appointments every week): Learn to book appointments without even having to call the lead!

Charge maximum for your services (because you're worth it) over and over again.

Set up your systems to repeat and scale!

Remember—We're there helping you the whole way!

You'll also receive the following:

LIVE Group Coaching and Accountability Calls with us where you set your goals, ask specific questions, and get us to fix up all YOUR custom ads.

Access to our Private (& prestigious) Community where I answer your questions in detail daily, and you receive feedback from other real estate experts around the country.

3 months of our software FREE (Normally $297!) -- With FREE, immediate access to pre loaded email drips, text campaigns and more! We can have you set up in minutes!

...and more!

Breakdown is that you will get the EXACT emails, ads, and strategies behind the successes of all our top real estate agents.

Furthermore, we will hold your hand every single day of the week so you have an easy and comfortable ride to agent freedom.

I'm excited for you to take this next step and invest in yourself. I can't wait to work with you in Generateaegntleads!

In the meantime, We'll be here checking out some ads (So we can teach you how to the same thing).

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