How do I know I'm ready for this?

There is never a perfect time and you are never going to feel 100% ready to go. There are always 1001 tasks you could be doing, however, they are typically not the right tasks that will get you to your goal.

Our core thesis is: Real estate agents fail not because they can't sell homes, identify markets, market themselves, or serve their clients effectively, but because they conduct these activities in the wrong order and they run out of time and money before they achieve meaningful traction. We help our customers execute in the right order - the order that results in the highest efficiency.

If your current strategies are not working and you are feeling frustrated because you are not progressing fast enough, then this is for you.

We of course offer a guarantee since we back up everything that we do. If you are in doubt, just give it a shot and see for yourself.

Have you had newer agents or rookie agents succeed with this program?

We have a big customer base of newer licensed agents. For example, William Troutman (who is a millennial agent) booked 3 listing appointments within 24 hours of joining the program. He’s currently killing it in the Oakland, California region. We have seen that the number of years of experience doesn’t determine how well an agent performs with our program. We have instead seen hard work and persistence play a key major role.

How long does our relationship last?

Our term of service lasts for 12 whole months. We believe this is the required time to ensure your online lead generation works for you and you are not stuck in a position of chasing new lead companies every time they don't convert.

Online lead generation is a long term game because the leads do not know you yet. You have to build the relationship. This is not for order takers. Only for closers. Stop listening to the companies who glorify quick sales.

That should never be your goal as an agent.

Your goal is to change lives. This mindset will get you further than chasing commission cheques.

Don't believe us?

We've seen this with our most successful agents.

If you require deals to be sent over to you, online leads may not be the right fit for you and more traditional methods are probably best. However, traditional methods will not scale predictably.

Who else is successful with this? Why are they successful? What about the non-successful ones. Why are they not successful?

Yes we have worked in every state and every single province in the United States and Canada. We are also aware of strict advertising rules in states like Arizona in which we take extra precaution and that too, with continuous revision from the agent.

Is your solution specific to my market?

Yes we have worked in every state and every single province in the United States and Canada. We are also aware of strict advertising rules in states like Arizona in which we take extra precaution and that too, with continuous revision from the agent.

Is there a contract?

This is the beauty of working with us. We don’t trap our customers on month to month contracts. If we don’t deliver results, you don’t pay a dime. So no, there is no contract whatsoever.

I see you’re based in Canada. How can your company be more effective than US based companies?

We are based out of Canada but we have customers all over North America. We have case studies from agents based out of some of the most populated states in the US. Our system is proven to work in any market.

What differentiates you from other lead generation companies?

We are not in the business of providing leads and expecting the agent to go off and close them. We know this never works.

Instead we have a unique hybrid model where we provide done for you services backed by 2 weekly workshop calls and lead conversion seminars.

This way our success managers can analyze your conversations and assist you whenever you need help.

How many agents do you take on per area? I’m looking for exclusivity in my market.

Depending on area size, we only take on a maximum of 3-4 agents in smaller markets and upto 10 in larger ones. This way conflicting leads is drastically minimized.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee a closing or you don’t pay a dime.

My market is too small. Will this still work for me?

Yes in fact, smaller markets perform better as the message is outlayed to more people. This works extremely well and results in smaller markets come rapid fast as we’ve seen with many of our or you don’t pay a dime.

I already have enough business. Why do I even need to add in more complexity?

You are on this site because you require more business. In order to earn more, there will always be complexity. Making money isn’t easy but it sure makes life easier when you have it.

Ask yourself:

“Do I really have everything I wanted?”“Am I capping myself short?”“What if my pipeline dries up?”

Trust us. Your pipeline will dry up fast in the case an emergency strikes. Many agent were wiped out because they had no pipeline built up during COVID-19.

What will be the return of investment for me?

If you do not have the financial resources to work with our team, in many cases it makes sense to incur debt to take part. However, we are in no place to judge your financial situation and if it does not financially make sense for you right now to move forward, we’d recommend holding off.

How can I trust this?

You can view all of our content, case studies and testimonials. Any real company would not invest this much time and effort into making their customers buying journeys easier.

We pride ourselves in being up front and honest with our clients.

If I close a deal, do you stop running the ads for me or still work with me for the rest of the year?

Even if you close a deal within a month, we will continue to work with you for one whole year.