Maria A Caballero

San Antonio, Texas

“I wanted to say that last night I got my first lead and while I was asleep the CRM sent the lead an email, the lead was extremely happy that I was replying during over night hours..wink 😉wink..Thank you!"

Patrick Grimm

Houston, Texas

"I've only had the program for a week and I'm already in conversations with 3 buyers. One is already pre-approved, & I have another talking to a lender. It's going!!"

Eric Slaugh

Jordan, Utah

"I had leads coming in within days of working with them. Everyone within the company is very responsive and they give you consistent updates on how the ads are doing, as well as suggest improvements. Definitely recommend!"


On what platforms do you run ads for me?

We run ads on Facebook and Instagram for paid advertising. We also incorporate Google Local Services Ads to get inbound calls from buyers & sellers. That being said, our organic advertisements also show you how you can generate anywhere from 20-30 free leads per month.

I have used Facebook ads in the past. They didn’t work for me. Why will they work this time around?

Many agents believe its the ads that are the reason they can’t close. After working with 500+ agents, we know that the ad has little to do with the results.

It is unlikely you will get deals coming in because these people don’t know you yet, they don’t like you enough or even trust you to transact with you. What makes you think they will work with you after clicking on your ad?

After all, there’s likely thousands of agents in your area?

This is the most important aspect. The sales process.

We’ve refined agents' sales processes so they can convert more deals predictably.
Our dedicated success managers and coaches work with you around the clock, analyze your conversations weekly and monitor ads daily to ensure you achieve success.

Do you generate both buyer and seller leads?

We’re going to generate a combination of both buyer & seller leads. We have noticed that the homeownership rate is increasing year by year so a lot of buyer leads are looking to sell their home as well. You have the chance to represent both the buyer and seller. These are the exact strategies we implemented with our current clients to generate our tremendous case studies all across North America.

I just want seller leads. I’m not interested in obtaining buyer leads. I already have so many buyers in my database.

We have seen that many of us as salespeople want the easy way out without putting in work. We have ran many seller campaigns which are very successful for agents but we have found that the mindset of “I only want sellers” is likely the reason holding you back.

The reason why is because your job is to help as many people as possible. If you have too many buyers, think like a business person.

Ask yourself “how can I outsource these buyers”?

Should I build a team?

“Should I hire an assistant to qualify?”

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself.

In fact, we have seen more buyers come in from buyer campaigns in many cases and it actually leads to 2 way transactions which can be super nice!

In our program, we talk about how to reposition your mindset when working with online leads.

In business, mindset is everything.
Even as cliche as it may sound.

Do we need to spend money on paid advertising to generate leads?

Yes you will need to. Growing your business will require money.

How are you generating leads for free? I noticed some agents doing really well with $0 spent on advertising.

We have tested many organic techniques that have worked for many agents across North America. These include facebook marketplace, youtube channels, pinterest and more.

How many organic free leads can i expect to get every month?

We see on average 20-30 leads per month. This also varies market to market.

What is the average amount of leads you bring in every month? How much will it cost me?

We see on average 60-80 leads from paid leads per month for the agents that work with us. This Is excluding the leads you will be getting from organic lead generation. The average advertising budget for the agents inside our program is around 350 dollars per month.

How do you qualify the leads?

Our system weeds out the tire kickers such as leads that don’t pick up the phone, respond to text messages or emails.

Therefore, you will only deal with leads that want to speak with you and our system will start the conversations for you. This is where you come in and implement your expertise to qualify the leads that value your time.

We have done the math with over 200+ clients and found out that the conversion rate is much higher when the agent qualifies themselves as the relationship is much stronger.

Do you create websites as well? I need help with branding.

We do not create websites for agents. There’s a reason behind this. Websites don’t move the needle forward because they don’t generate leads for you. It definitely helps with branding but it isn’t necessary until you are consistently doing 3+ deals a month.

Are my leads being shared with other agents?

No. All leads are exclusive to you.

Brokers provide me with leads. Why should I pay for yours ?

Brokerage leads are typically shared and competed against amongst other agents in the brokerage. Furthermore, a brokerage usually cannot invest hundreds of dollars per each agent. Online lead gen is a numbers game, just like doorknocking.
It works best at scale. You need exclusive leads and those too in the hundreds to make this work effectively.

What happens step by step when a lead comes in?

Once a lead is generated, it goes straight to our CRM. The CRM then triggers an automated follow up system until a lead responds. Once a lead responds, the automations stop and the agent takes over the conversation. The agent then goes on to qualify the lead and book it into an in person appointment. We take care of this in the backend. Your job consists of qualifying and booking leads into appointments.

Can we guarantee any amount or percentage of seller leads?

We cannot guarantee any amount of seller leads. If we were able to do that, we would be charging $10,000/month or keep that secret to ourselves. The number of seller leads we will generate depends heavily on the state of your market and the area you’re operating in. You could see 30% of your leads to be sellers or 10%. It depends on a lot of different variables.

Does more ad spend mean more deals?

We do not recommend increasing ad spend before a closing at least one deal. This is because you need to perfect your follow up skills and be able to book appointments at ease. Once you lock down this process and have closed 1 deal, you can increase your ad spend which will in return increase your ROI. Before increasing ad spend, you want to maximize the ROI from your current database and be proficient with the follow up process. This is also a good time to get a trained VA who will follow up with your leads while you are out in the field.

Are our leads by city or Zip code?

Our leads are generated by city and Zip codes. This is discussed on the onboarding call and we use the one that has shown us success with previous agents in your area.

Are the campaign ads ready for me to use or it’s something I need to create myself?

The campaigns will be created for you. We take care of the marketing and your job is to just be out on the field.

Do I need to have a website to get leads?

No you don’t. You’re only going to need a business Facebook page. If you don’t already have one, we’ll go ahead and create one for you.

How do you create the facebook ad?

Our engineering team creates the ads for you. We’re not trying to make you an expert marketer. Therefore, we don’t need to get into the nitty gritty. We’re the experts and will take care of this.

How many legitimate leads are we getting?

There is a cost of running online paid advertising campaigns. You’ll definitely see fake numbers, fake emails and fake leads in general. However, we’re going to disqualify these leads for you. You’ll only work with leads that reach out to you first. This will save you time and energy from reaching out to non-legitimate leads.

How do you split the leads from the market to avoid two agents getting the same leads?

We bring on a limited amount of agents per area to prevent leads clashing with other agents. The number of agents we bring on per area depends on the population.

Can our ads target seniors?

Our ads can't target based on age due to Facebook's policies. Our team will do a market analysis and see what’s working for other agents in your area and incorporate those strategies.

Can we target out of state buyers? 

No. We only sell a proven process and our team will choose the ads that we think will perform the best.