Maria A Caballero

San Antonio, Texas

“I wanted to say that last night I got my first lead and while I was asleep the CRM sent the lead an email, the lead was extremely happy that I was replying during over night hours..wink 😉wink..Thank you!"

Patrick Grimm

Houston, Texas

"I've only had the program for a week and I'm already in conversations with 3 buyers. One is already pre-approved, & I have another talking to a lender. It's going!!"

Eric Slaugh

Jordan, Utah

"I had leads coming in within days of working with them. Everyone within the company is very responsive and they give you consistent updates on how the ads are doing, as well as suggest improvements. Definitely recommend!"


I’m stuck in a contract with another company. I really want to work with you but I’m stuck.

We understand many companies do put their customers in harsh long term contracts that aren’t pleasant. This is why we don’t provide harsh contracts.

If you are unable to get out of a contract, you can seek legal assistance however we are in no business of helping you get out of the contract as it is binded by legal terms.

We have had agents put down deposits to lock in terms of pricing so they can begin once their contract ends with their other company.

I only want to pay a commission fee after I close a deal. This is how I operate.

We understand that you as an agent are compensated this way however our company cannot operate this way. There are several reasons:

First and foremost, we are not licensed. We are not legally able to share commissions with you. This is by far the biggest reason and it could cost you your license as well.

Secondly, in no way, shape or form can we track your closings. This makes it extremely difficult for us.

Third, we are a company that prides itself in delivering the highest quality service. Hence our guarantee is unique such that we guarantee one closing or you don’t pay a dime.

Fourth, we cannot rely upon your closing skills or work ethic to help us run our company as we have many employees and team members who work hard around the clock to make positive results happen for the agents that pay to work with our team. There are many agents out there who will close 10 out of 100 leads and many that won’t close one.

If you are seeking a pay after close model, we may not be the fit for you. Companies that do a pay after close model typically only incentivize their top producers as this is how they make their money. If you aren’t a top producer yet, we would highly recommend honing those sales skills through a valid mentor who can help. This way, you can work on commission basis from companies who can rely upon you to convert.

I am an investor who is looking for motivated seller leads. Can you help me?

We do not help investors as that would stream away from our customer base of agents.

Is this all social media based? Am I going to need to give you the login into to my social accounts for this?

No you do not. We value your privacy and respect all guidelines. We only request admin access to assets such as your facebook page and ad account.

Where is your office based?

We are based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Should I stop cold calling, door knocking or doing open houses since I’m going to be working with you?

No please do not make this mistake. By buying lead generation and marketing services, you are adding one MORE lead source.This is not your only lead source by any means.

Online leads can take some time to dial in and work. The biggest mistake you can make is to stop what you’re already doing.

Do you post daily content on my social media pages?

No we don’t believe in posting content across agents timelines and believe that should be personal and done by you. People want to see you and not automated blog posts by some company who charges monthly to post.

If you are hiring one of these companies, we’d suggest you put out valuable content which is creative and not automated.

This will definitely set you apart and will most definitely help you succeed especially in more competitive markets.

What kind of support will I get working with you guys? Will I get a chance to speak with other successful agents to share strategies?

We provide 3 coaching calls per week with 24/7 support from a dedicated success manager. You will have the opportunity to network with other agents to communicate and we have seen this happen many times on our weekly calls

I’m not sure if i can dedicate financial resources to this right now.

If you do not have the financial resources to work with our team, in many cases it makes sense to incur debt to take part. However, we are in no place to judge your financial situation and if it does not financially make sense for you right now to move forward, we’d recommend holding off.

I’m in a very saturated market. Why will this even work for me?

Yes we have had many agents close deals using our systems even in markets like the GTA which has over 60,000+ agents. As long as you are coachable and willing to play the long term game, this is for you.

I’m not ready to buy today. I just wanted to learn more about what you guys do.

Not to worry. Feel free to browse our content on our website and learn as much as you can! We understand the buying process can be a lengthy one and we strive to make your decision easier.

Am I limited to one territory ?

No you are not. We can run your ads wherever you’d like. In fact, we’ll often recommend running ads elsewhere if it makes sense.

Would there be additional costs to take on more territories?

No, there will be no additional costs.

What % of your case studies are successful? What is the breakdown?

100% of our clients who complete the program are successful. This is why we offer the money-back-guarantee.

When does this not work? Why are people not successful?

The program requires you to do a lot of work and learn quickly. Some clients do not complete the program due to work ethic, however, if they did complete the program, then they would be successful.

How many customers usually show up to the coaching calls?

It depends on the time of the year. On average, 10-15 customers show up on every coaching call. Spring and summer tends to be busier resulting in a lower show up rate on the coaching calls. It’s highly recommended they come to these calls so they can learn about what it takes to get results.